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Roof Tek is a leading provider of residential and commercial roofing applications in Sutherland Shire. From metal roofing and guttering to downpipes, flashings, skylights, insulations, panelling systems and wall cladding – it’s all yours under one roof.

Whether you’re a business owner wanting to replace or install a new metal roof, or a homeowner that needs new guttering, our team of roofing contractors in Sutherland Shire can help.

No matter how simple or complex the job, we have the know-how to satisfy your project needs.

Roofing Services

Having a quality roofing solution is vital to a safe, productive and comfortable environment. Roof Tek provides a broad range of roofing services to meet the precise needs of residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

With a deep understanding of the unique challenges that face these types of projects. You can be confident your next roofing application will be expertly designed and constructed in accordance with strict industry standards.

Just look at the wealth of products you can have under one service provider:
  • Metal Roofing – Design, replacement and installation of certified Colorbond steel roofing.
  • Guttering – Functional and discreet gutters designed to handle a large capacity of rainwater. Available in a range of sizes and colours to blend in seamlessly with your current property.
  • Downpipes – PVC round, square and contour downpipes. Available in a range of diameters and colours for the perfect finish.
  • Flashings – Available in straight and curved configurations to suit the layout of any building.
  • Skylights – Improve the energy efficiency of your home or business. Let in an extra burst of natural sunlight to keep your day bright.
  • Insulation – Stay comfortable indoors all year round even in harsh conditions. Quality thermal insulation available in a range of thickness profiles to suit your needs and budget.
  • Panelling and Cladding – Enjoy reduced heat transfer and stay cool while you’re undercover. Highly durable and low cost corrugated roofing available in a range of sheet lengths and colours.

Why Choose Roof Tek

  • Fully Licensed and Insured - Every Roof Tek team member is fully licensed to carry out roof plumbing services that involve fixing, renovating, installing, altering and repairing your metal roofing and roofing applications. Public liability coverage means your property and tenants are fully covered.
  • High Quality Materials - All of our building materials are sourced from nationally recognised companies like Colorbond, Versiclad and Lysaght. So you know your roof is built to last and will resist the harsh elements all year round. Each roofing product and application is covered by their original manufacturer warranty.​
  • Trusted Colorbond Steel - Lightweight, durable and energy-efficient. Tested for over 50 years in Australian conditions. Available in a wide range of colours and finishes, the sleek nature of Colorbond steel offers a classic and contemporary look that blends in with any architectural style​
  • Personal Customer Service - The Roof Tek team will work closely with you at each step of the process – from consultation and design to construction and maintenance. This way you will know exactly what to expect from the journey and the final outcome will exceed your expectations.

Roof Tek is an industry leader in the field of residential and commercial roofing solutions. Whatever your roofing needs are – whether you need a replacement roof, new guttering system or skylight – we want to hear from you.

For a free quote, simply call (02) 9521 2555 or fill out the online form and we’ll be in touch to discuss your project requirements.

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