Love DIY? 4 Reasons Why You Should Leave Roofing to the Experts

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Few things feel more satisfying than a job well done. You love the sense of accomplishment when you unclog a toilet, clear a jammed garbage disposal or replace a damaged light switch. And you can’t help but boast a little when you patch a hole in your drywall or replace a ceiling fan.

Recently, your roof has sustained some storm damage, and you feel confident that you can climb a ladder and fix it yourself.

But before you purchase roofing supplies, keep in mind that this particular home improvement requires a professional to complete. If done incorrectly, roofing work can cause more damage than it repairs.

Not convinced? Take a look at the following reasons why you should hire a professional contractor for the job.


Safety should always be your top priority whenever you have a roofing project. Falls account for a large majority of serious injuries and deaths in construction, and even experts die from falls on occasion.

However, professional contractors have the skills and equipment to mount a roof safely, whether your home has one floor or many. They know how use a harness, attach a rope grab and install temporary guardrails. They can properly handle common roofing equipment, such as circular saws and shingle shears. And they wear protective clothing to reduce their risk of injury.

Unless you have access to all the right equipment and have special training in roof repair, you’ll stay safer if you keep both feet on the ground.


At a glance, your roof might look straightforward and simple. If your home springs a leak, you might assume that adding a new metal panel over the damaged portion will correct the leak.

But your roof consists of an intricate system of overlapping parts and pieces. Without a complete knowledge of roofing felt, end caps, ridges and flashing, you may miss some of the little nooks and crannies in your roof that could lead to bigger (and more expensive) problems. And even if you do your research, you might lack the physical skill necessary to manipulate the panels and align the fasteners.

Only a professional can match new roofing where to buy zithromax online cheap materials with an older roof, and only an expert can pinpoint damage before it escalates.


Part of the allure to repairing problems yourself is cost. When you shop materials wholesale, use tools you already have available and complete the labour on your own, you can keep pricing to a minimal.

However, you might forget that your time is valuable. The time you spend on your roof is time you could devote to your own profession. And without sufficient tools and experience, you may spend a lot more time with a screw gun and a hammer than you originally intended.

Professional contractors, in contrast, have years of practice wielding their tools. What takes you several hours to find and fix, an expert can locate and repair in minutes. An experienced contractor can handle equipment efficiently so you don’t have to pay for time wasted.

Furthermore, many roofing companies partner with popular manufacturers so they can receive discounts on materials and equipment. Your contractor can likely find shingles and panels in less time and for less money than you could searching the deepest corners of the internet. And your contractor can then pass these savings onto you.


According to New South Wales home building laws, anyone can perform minor roofing repair without a license. However, the law does have a few exceptions.

If the roof has major defects that qualify for the homeowner’s warranty, then you should file a claim with the original builder. The builder can then solve the defect for you so you don’t have to perform the repairs yourself.

Additionally, if your roof has sustained severe structural damage and the cost of the repairs total more than $5,000, you need to hire a professional contractor. In this scenario, if you were to perform the work yourself without a license, you would violate the law and you could be subject to fines.


Although you have the ability to handle a multitude of projects on your own, don’t hesitate to call in a licensed contractor when your roof needs repairs.

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