Find Inspiration in 3 Roofs Around the Globe

In the market for a new roof? You’re in luck. The internet is littered with metal roof inspiration galore. Architects around the world through the ages have turned to metal to imagine and design roofs that inspire and awe the masses.

Many metal roofs, designed by mastermind architects, give passerby something new to marvel at and homeowners something different to think about when planning for a new metal roof.

Tempted to pack your bags and travel abroad to catch sight of some of the most intricate and inspiring metal roofs? Not so fast. Save yourself some money and settle down in front of your computer instead. Refresh your homepage and take a minute to browse the internet for metal roof inspiration.

We’ll make it easy and outline three roofs you don’t want to miss.


When cargo boats and cruise ships pass through the Panama Canal, the Biomuseo is one of the first things they see. Located on the Amador Causeway, the Biomuseo (also referred to as The Biodiversity Museum: Panama Bridge of Life) was famous architect Frank Gehry’s first addition to Central America. Bright, interesting and fun, the museum continues to hold the coveted spot for one of Gehry’s most famous pieces of architecture.

To design the building, Gehry drew inspiration from his wife, a Panamanian. The building took well over a decade to complete and was finally completed on a 60 million dollar budget in 2014. Although most museums are built so travellers can tour the interior, the Biomuseo’s exterior could hold any travellers attention for the duration of a trip.

The exterior of the Biomuseo is made up of sharp angles and radical shapes. The entire metal roof (there seem to be a total of 10 roofs covering the building at different spots) is painted in bright colours. Gehry chose bright colours to pay homage to the city’s wealth of diversity and culture.


The world’s first-and only-upside down house is the Baan buy amoxil australia Teelanka. Opened in early 2014, the Baan Teelanka is a three-storey house that is built leaning on its roof. Designed by a Swiss-Thai couple, the house includes a maze, coffee shop and souvenir store that keeps children, teens and adults entertained for hours.

Although there’s not much information available on the Baan Teelanka, one thing’s for sure: the metal roof of the house is unlike any you’ve ever seen before. Flat, straight and white, the roof is the highest point of the house even though it seems as if it should be the lowest.


This massive Roman Catholic cathedral, located in the centre of Barcelona, points high to the heavens and causes any passersby to ooh and aah. Although Antoni Guadi originally designed the building well over a century ago, the church remains unfinished to this day. The Spanish Civil War and a lack of funds has put the construction on hold for decades, but Spaniards are hopeful: the current team working on the Sagrada Famà lia announced 2026 as the anticipated completion date.

Apart from its size and century-long constriction process, what makes the Sagrada Famà lia stand out? It’s partly-metal roof. Once it’s completed, the roof will include 18 spires that represent important Christian figures. The highest spire-it still isn’t in place-will represent Christ and will make the Sagrada Famà lia the tallest church building on earth.

Whether you’ve found inspiration in the colourfully radical roofs of Panama City, the upside down roofs of Phuket or the gothic roofs of Barcelona, it’s easy to find small bits of inspiration in metal roofs around the globe.

You may not have the budget of cathedrals, museums and other architectural wonders of the world, but that shouldn’t stop you from taking a minute to browse the internet for metal roof inspiration. Contact your local roof specialists to discuss your metal roof options and to determine which roof will fit your home, budget and surroundings best.

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