5 Useful Features to Consider When Choosing a Skylight

Are you planning a new skylight installation? Not all skylights are created equal, and once you start researching you’ll discover that there are plenty of useful features to choose from. Don’t make the mistake of choosing a standard skylight when you could invest in something better.

Whether you want protection from the sun’s rays, better heat retention, remote control operation or automatic closing, there’s a skylight for you. Keep reading for details on five of the most useful skylight features and their benefits.


Skylights are an excellent way to let more sunlight into your home, but they’ll also let in UV rays. These rays can be harmful to the skin and eyes, and risk sun bleaching furniture over time.

Investing in a skylight with tinted, UV-blocking glass is a smart move. You won’t risk prolonged exposure to dangerous UV rays, your furniture will be protected and you won’t have to deal with harsh glare while the sun is bright.


Want to enjoy natural light in your home, but don’t have enough room for a large skylight? Choosing a tubular skylight design is the perfect solution.

Tubular skylights are made of a plastic skylight which is mounted on your roof, a thin tube with a reflective interior and a diffuser which is mounted on your ceiling. Tubular skylights are a clever way to light your home, even if you don’t have much space. They’re also ideal for small bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens.


Planning to buy a standard glass skylight? Spending a little extra on double glazing makes sense. The strengthened glass will lose less heat, saving you money on energy and helping the environment. When the glass is double glazed, you’ll also see less buildup of condensation, and have better protection from outside noise. If you live in a particularly loud area, you could even ask your roofing contractor about triple glazing, which provides even more sound protection.


If you’ve ever had a skylight located in an awkward position, you know how inconvenient it can be trying to open and close your window.

Luckily, technology has advanced to allow remote control operation of your skylight. Simply press a button to open or close the skylight, or program the remote to open and close the light at certain times of the day. This way you’ll never have to worry about standing on tiptoes to close a window again!

Skylights can also be fitted with remote control blinds. This makes it easy to protect yourself from the sun when it’s particularly bright and also saves you the hassle of having to reach up and close the blinds.


Is there anything worse than opening your skylight, then forgetting to close it during a downpour? Modern skylights can be equipped with moisture sensors which detect rainfall and close automatically. This is ideal if you’re often out of the house, you have a lot of skylights or you’re especially forgetful.

If you often leave your skylight open during storms, you’ll risk damage to furniture and carpets, and increase the chance of mould and damp forming around your home. Choose an auto-closing skylight to eliminate these risks.

Before you invest in a new skylight, you should fully consider all the features that are available to you. Stay safe by choosing UV-blocking glass, keep your home warmer with double-glazing and protect your family from the elements with remote control operation and automatic closing.

If you’re not sure which features are best for you, contact a roofing contractor at Roof Tek Roofing for advice before installation. They’ll be able to help you make the best choice for your home.

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