5 Unexpected Benefits of Skylights

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Even in a country as sunny as Australia, many people are still low in vitamin D. One study found that as many as 58% of New South Wales female residents are vitamin D deficient in the spring time. If you’d like to invite a little more sun in your life, you might think about installing a skylight.

Or, perhaps you just love the look of skylights, and you’ve always wanted to see a gorgeous stream of natural sunlight in your kitchen or living room.

But vitamin D and extra natural light aren’t the only reasons to install a skylight. You might be surprised by these five other skylight benefits.


When power plants generate electricity, greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide enter the atmosphere. This excess of greenhouse gases causes air pollution, changes climate patterns and harms both humans and animals.

Using skylights reduces your dependence on electricity. Unlike electricity, skylights give you access to natural sunlight and don’t require energy to run. Consider the potential positive impact on the environment if everyone added skylights to their homes.


When you think about why you want to install a skylight, maintaining privacy probably isn’t your first thought. But think about it: houses are often built close together. A large window in your bathroom or bedroom gives your neighbours a clear view of rooms you’d like to keep private.

If you want to maintain privacy but still let in natural light, you can install a skylight in your bathroom or bedroom. Skylights let in real, beautiful sunlight, but because they also sit on your roof, curious neighbours can’t look through them.


As you age, you might notice that you can’t see as well as you used to. As your buy accutane online vision worsens, you require more light to see clearly. By bringing in an abundance of natural light, skylights make it easier for you to read the newspaper without getting a headache or to decipher that tiny print on your medicine bottle.


You already know skylights can help increase your vitamin D. Did you know vitamin D can help ward off depression?

In one study, researchers analysed symptoms of depression in 441 women. After giving each person either vitamin D or a placebo for a year, they found that those given vitamin D showed fewer depressive symptoms.

Yet another way skylights and natural sunlight may improve mood is by reducing stress and increasing positive feelings. One study found that higher sunlight penetration through windows increased workers’ feelings of job satisfaction and well-being.


Skylights certainly look beautiful by themselves, but they share that beauty with other parts of your home as well. The light they invite in can bring out the natural beauty of everything it illuminates. It can make colours more vibrant or highlight certain architectural qualities of your room. Interior designers know that natural light enhances the positive qualities in your home’s design.

Make sure you consult with a skylight professional to help you choose the ideal spot to place your skylight. Since the sun moves throughout the day, you’ll need to install your skylight in the right place to catch it at the best angle.

As you can see, skylights have many benefits beyond the obvious ones. If you want all the benefits that natural light brings to your home’s interior, talk to a skylight professional. He or she can advise you on the right type of skylight for your home as well as the best place to install it.

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