4 Reasons Why a New Colorbond Roof Suits Your Eco-Friendly Home

colorbond roofing

Spring is the perfect time to replace a leaky roof. Since the weather is more stable, you don’t have to worry about exposing your flomax buy online home to moisture during the project. Environmentally friendly choices for roof renovations are on many homeowner’s minds, and choosing the right roofing material has a positive impact on the world.

Using Colorbond on your roof is a conscious decision that reduces your home’s impact on the environment. Consider these three main reasons why Colorbond roofing sheets play a part in reducing your carbon footprint.


Thermal mass relates to how the materials of your home absorb and retain heat. To keep your house cool during the summer, you need a roofing material which is proven as effective in reflecting heat away from your house.

Colorbond has a small thermal mass, which means it does not absorb excessive heat from the sun. The less heat your roof absorbs during the summer, the less you need to run your air conditioner. A Colorbond roof reduces the amount of energy you need for cooling your home on a hot summer’s day, and this lower use reduces your impact on energy resources.


When you think about going outside in summer, you may choose to wear light clothes rather than dark. Light coloured clothes reflect the light, while dark coloured clothes absorb it. This principle is the same for roof colours.

Roof Tek Roofing offers 22 colour choices for Colorbond roof sheeting. The colour choice makes a significant impact on the heat absorbed into your home. Again, the more sunlight heat you reflect, the less energy you need to cool your home.

A light-coloured Colorbond roof sheet in Surfmist or Classic Cream reflect more light than Deep Ocean or Cottage Green sheets do. You should only consider a dark colour choice if your home is well shaded by mature trees and not exposed to the constant sun.


The environmental impact of your roof choice does not stop with the installation. Colorbond roof sheets are a low maintenance choice, and this feature makes them environmentally friendly.

Colorbond roofing has the colour baked deep into the metal, and this painting method means you do not need to repaint it as often as other roofing materials. Having to seal or paint a roof each year involves buying paint or sealant. Both these materials require energy and resources to make them.

Additionally, Colorbond roofs are easy to clean. Pressure washing them is a fast, efficient way to remove any mould and mildew that grew over the winter, and this method does not require chemicals. Not using chemicals during cleaning reduces chemical runoff entering the waterways through the sewer.


When you think about being environmentally friendly, you should also consider the impact of transporting roofing materials to your home. Cumbersome, heavy products need an appropriate carrier choice to move it.

Colorbond roof sheets are lightweight, which makes them easy to move and handle. As a result, you don’t need extra reinforced trusses to manage the roof weight. Having fewer trusses reduce the amount of natural wood resource needed in your home.

These four reasons mean you can choose Colorbond roofing sheets for your home without fear that this choice will impact the world around you. You get a smart, functional cover for your house while still maintaining your clean, green environmental stance.

To invest in this roofing material, get in touch with Roof Tek Roofing. We can help you find the right colour for your home, and we’ll even give you a free quote so you know how much this choice will cost.

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