3 Reasons Why Colorbond Steel Is a Perpetual Feature in Australian Roof Design

Metal roofing is an iconic element in Australian building design and construction. From the tropical far north to the cooler climates of the south, Australia’s urban and rural landscapes are peppered with steel and iron roofing in a variety of tones.

The use of strong metals such as steel for a roof can be seen as a metaphor for the stoic and hardy nature of the Australian population. The durability of steel and its ability to withstand extremes of heat and cold, as well as the test of time, mean that it’s perfectly suited to the sometimes-harsh Australian climate.

Colorbond steel has become synonymous with metal roofing and has protected Australian homes since the first sheet was manufactured in 1966. In the intervening years, around six million tonnes of Colorbond steel have been produced, and currently around half of all new homes built will feature a Colorbond roof.

Roofing trends change from year to year and from decade to decade, in much the same way that architecture and interior design fashions do. Yet Colorbond steel has endured while many other building materials have lost their appeal. Here are three reasons why Colorbond steel is a perpetual favourite for homeowners, building designers and roofing companies alike.

Colorbond steel is used to create everything from letterboxes to entire roofs. The manufacturing process forms it into a wide variety of lengths and widths, and the strong, yet pliable, structure of the material means it can be cut or moulded to fit onto even the most complex and unusual modern roof designs.

This versatility means that Colorbond roofing is suitable for both new builds and re-roofing projects. It also works equally well when it’s incorporated into a sleek, modern home design or when used to replace the original steel roof on a heritage property.

When Colorbond steel was first manufactured in Australia, there was a choice of six different colours available. There are currently 22 different colours to choose from in both classic and contemporary shades. Whatever your taste, you can have a roof that complements and enhances the rest of your home.

For example, adding a Colorbond roof that matches your gutters, fascia, downpipes, flashing and skylights helps create a seamless and cohesive look for your home. All of these products can be utilised effectively on all homes, although the tight margins and flawless integration they allow are best demonstrated in their successful use on multi-faceted, high-specification projects.

Sustainability is a driving force behind a lot of modern home design and construction. Minimising the impact your home has on the environment as well as creating a building that is low on energy consumption are the core principles that sustainability is based around.

Colorbond roofing has excellent credentials in this area. Steel is durable and won’t require replacing for many years. It’s also completely recyclable. Colorbond steel also uses reflective compounds that reduce the amount of heat or cold transferred through your home’s roof. This feature enhances your home’s insulation and reduces energy production costs.

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